This rain is seriously crazy

Awesome.Yesterday, as I was ready to leave work, I asked a friend by the window if it was still raining outside. He told me that it wasn't, and so I headed downstairs in an attempt to beat the rain's return. I lost. When I got downstairs, it was pouring outside. A rain of epic proportions. I took the downtown tunnels a few blocks over to the building across the street from the Flying Saucer, waited for the light outside to change, and then ran across the street to wait out the deluge with beer. In crossing the street I was drenched to the bone.

I'm used to summer rain. I grew up with it, basically setting my clocks in the summer by the 3:00 pm rain shower that would occur daily. But what was awesome about those summer rains was that by 3:15 they were over and by 3:30 you couldn't even tell it had rained. Those were good summer rain showers.

These are not good showers. These are insane storms. There's flooding, the rain has been going on for more than a week, and every time you turn around, bam!, a fresh black cloud has shown up to ruin the day. It's simply insane.

Consider this for a minute: the average rainfall for Houston for year-to-yesterday is 26.9", according to Weather Underground (the meteorologists, not the terrorists). Last year, only 10.1" had fallen by that time, due to the horrible drought we had to bear. This year? We're up to 31.88". And it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon. We're basically five inches ahead of schedule, and it doesn't seem to be letting up. At this rate, we could potentially see almost a foot of rain we don't usually see by the end of this year.

I recall last year that meteorologists suggested that our horrible drought would continue at least another year, possibly through 2015. Yet here we are and clearly that drought is gone. At least in this part of the country. Elsewhere, there is drought indeed. Though since I'm here and not elsewhere, I find it a little hard to imagine. Perhaps we can send them some of our rain? We've got a couple extra inches.

This is crazy. It rained a little this morning, it's supposed to rain again tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, and possibly Tuesday. If it really lets up Wednesday, it'll be a miracle. I'm ready to send out doves to see if there's any dry land, because this rain is ridiculous.