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Dutch Boy Burger

Posted in Burgers on January 25th, 2016 by Nathan – Be the first to comment

It's been ages since I've reviewed a burger. But I'm living in NYC again, where I first started my burger reviews, and the other day, my friend Jenn asked if I didn't have a blog "dedicated to reviewing hamburgers at one point?" I figure those two things alone ought to get me reviewing again.

With that garbage intro to this post aside, I can transition rapidly to the garbage burger I had on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It's been my tradition for over a decade to drink a milkshake on MLK day, and this year I had to find one in Crown Heights. Dutch Boy Burger was recommended by trusted friends, new friends that I met only days earlier, and by the internet. So clearly, it was the best option (also the closest).

And I gotta say, it was a delicious shake. I did a chocolate/vanilla mix, partially because that's "in the spirit of the holiday," but mostly because I love that combo in a shake. And it delivered. Creamy and thick, this was clearly made with high quality ice cream, whole milk, and care, right there seconds before it was delivered to me in a diner-style glass. It was fantastic.

Unlike the burger. I got a "Bacon Blue Burger," complete with thick-cut bacon (this was good), bleu cheese (also good), and, after I asked for it, mayonnaise. The burger itself? A major letdown. Poor meat quality, thin, inconsistently cooked (I like medium rare, but this was charred darkly on the outside as though well done, but cold on the inside as though rare), bland, and overall weak.

I was disappointed in the burger, but I'll probably return for the shake. Even if this place felt strongly like it was home to an angel heralding the four horsemen of gentrification (and the prices certainly reflected that), it's hard to find a shake that good. I'll just have to eat elsewhere.

Best Burgers and Shakes

Posted in Burgers on January 30th, 2011 by Nathan – Be the first to comment

You can tell from the size of the awning and the door below it that this place is small.Time for another burger review. Bam!

We decided to hit up Best Burgers and Shakes (46th b/w 9th & 10th) because CBS New York named it their pick for the best New York burger. It’s a tiny place in Hell’s Kitchen with ten seats, a simple menu, and pretty good burgers and fries.

The burger is large, about an inch thick and about five inches in diameter. It’s also cooked properly, unlike many places in New York that have no idea what ‘medium’ or ‘medium rare’ means. It’s topped off with a reasonable bun and delicious hand-cut fries. My only complaint about the fries is that there weren’t even close to enough – a handful at best, which is a shame since they were so enjoyable.

However, I suggest you stop there when you order at Best Burgers and Shakes, and don’t bother getting a shake. I think the proper parenthetical notation of the restaurant’s name is: (Best Burgers) and Shakes, not Best (Burgers and Shakes) as you may think. That is, they have great burgers, and they happen to also make shakes, which aren’t great.

Rebecca got a Black and White shake and we both agreed it was not special. I could make a better shake without a blender. If you’re around the area (see how I put it in parentheses above; that’s something I need to do from now on) I recommend getting a burger and fries. But don’t bother going out of your way: they really aren’t the “best.”

The Burger Guys

Posted in Burgers on October 31st, 2010 by Nathan – Be the first to comment

Their name and website both say *The* Burger Guys, yet their logo does not. Odd. After Alison Cook raved about The Burger Guys, a newish place on Westheimer, my mom and I put it on our list to try it the next time I was in Houston. So yesterday, we drove out to Westheimer, and attempted to find the place.

We have a rule in our family, that the harder it is to find/get to a place, the better it will be. This rang true again with the Burger Guys, since their sign covering the name of the wing place that used to be there had half fallen down. Thanks to Rebecca’s help on the phone, we were able to find the place after ten minutes of driving around.

The fries were fantastic, and the sauces that they came with reminded me of Pommes Frites on St. Mark’s Place. For the burgers, they have a number of different options, all with various toppings that are more than just interesting. Their mustard is made with Saint Arnold Lawnmower beer, and the BBQ sauce on my burger, the “Dublin,” was made with Dublin Dr Pepper (that’s the one with sugar, not HFCS).

The taste of the meat was fantastic, it had an interesting flavor that I guess must be unique to the Texas Kobe-style beef that they use. The bun was a bit of a letdown, but it was the only such disappointment. Everything else was really fantastic.

We also had shakes, which were quite delicious and eclectic. I had a Bacon Apple Pie shake, which tasted strongly of caramel and apple pie. All in all, The Burger Guys is worth stopping into. It’s quite delicious.