Some science you may have missed V

These are present tomatoes. Future tomatoes will have a much more sciencey look.Science, science, and more science! Volume Five of what is quickly becoming my favorite series.

Good news for eyes – Since I have terrible eyesight, I'm always drawn to stories in which eyes are improved. Like how earlier this month, the British announced successful testing of eye implants that so far allow previously-blind patients to see basic shapes and light/dark. Or, even cooler, how some Stanford scientists have created an improvement for those implants that would allow them to be powered by the very light they detect, without batteries. Amazing.

Back to Space! – Sadly, NASA is a shadow of its former self. But on the bright side, the private sector has picked up where NASA left off, and SpaceX has now returned from their second successful mission, becoming the first private ship to dock with the ISS. They've since landed a new contract, and it won't be long before humanity heads to the stars with the future in mind.

Better tomatoes – First of all, this tomato is called Heinz 1706. Ridiculous. Second, and more important, its genome has been completely mapped, and apparently scientists are going to work on creating more disease-resistance and better taste in tomatoes. A lot of people make fun of genetically-modified foods such as the seedless watermelon, but frankly, the seedless watermelon is amazing. I look forward to better tomatoes.

This was another great month for science, so here's two particularly neat snippets that I didn't include above: Self driving cars are getting even better and Chinese scientists have teleported a photon sixty miles away. Ah Science!


  • Yoni Nadiv

    We've also discovered that "old people smell" actually exists. And we named a new element (Livermorium).