Dill Pickle Potato Chips

People who have known me for a while know that it’s no secret that I love Dill Pickle Potato Chips, specifically the kind made by the fine people at Frito-Lay. There is simply no chip as good as the Lay’s Dill Pickle Potato Chip. It tastes like a potato chip and it tastes like dill pickles. It’s amazing.

For a long time, these delicious chips were available only in Canada. When I visited, I would pick up a bag or twelve. When people came from Canada to wherever I was at the time, I would ask them to bring me a bag. I had a love affair with these chips, an affair that could only be satisfied through Canadians on a rare basis. Frankly, I found myself in a bad position.

But then the Potato Chip gods (Frito-Lay) answered my prayers and brought Dill Pickle Potato Chips to America! A glorious day indeed when I saw these chips gracing the shelves of my local grocery store.

But these gods are cruel gods, and just as quickly as the chip was available, my spring of deliciousness had dried up. In Houston and New York, no Dill Pickle chips were to be found. Even the Lay’s “Find-a-snack” tool began reporting: “We're sorry, this product is not available within in a 50-mile radius. Please enter another zip code.”

Not within 50 miles! Travesty indeed. I have written a letter to Frito-Lay asking them to return the deliciousness to at least one of my most-frequented areas, but I don’t hold out hope. Instead, I sadden as I think of the deliciousness that is Dill Pickle Potato Chips. Ah what good times we had together, and how quickly you were taken away from me! I shall mourn until the day when I can one day be reunited with my Dill Pickle Potato Chips.