About L'histoire de sa vie

This blog is entitled "L'histoire de sa vie" which is French for "his life story" It is a phrase my grandmother used to use when someone went on for too long about nothing. She might have asked a question, but the response was far more information than she needed, so she'd say to someone nearby that the answerer was giving her "l'histoire de sa vie."

About Nathan Miller

I'm a native Houstonian working at JPMorgan Chase & Co as a Software Developer. I graduated from Columbia University with a BS in Computer Science in May 2011, where I spent time exploring NYC, bowling with the Columbia Bowling Club, serving as a Teacher Assistant in Computer Science, and doing other college-type-activities better left to the non-specificity of that vague term.

Craft beer is my primary interest (and yes, from time to time, I homebrew), but I also love reading (especially science-fiction and fantasy), sports (I follow three sports teams religiously: the Astros, the Texans, and the Rockets), eating burgers, and I am a published crossword constructor.

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