6 hours of buildup for 1 minute of excitement

Yesterday evening, Joey and I went downtown to a Boston bar called Professor Thom’s for the purpose of meeting Bill Simmons, my favorite sports writer, and to get his latest book signed. We departed at six in the evening, unaware of the long wait we had ahead.

When we got to Professor Thom’s, Bill Simmons was just arriving. We tried to enter the bar, to find out there was a line of people who didn’t have books. We were told to join the line. It was LONG. In fact, it stretched so far that it stretched from the bar (at 2nd Av and 14th) south on 2nd Av and around the corner on 13th halfway down to the next avenue.

We waited in this line for nearly an hour and a half, finally entering the bar around 8:30, at which point, we commenced standing for even longer. Game one of the World Series was on TV, so we watched while numbers were called in batches of twenty. See, our wristbands had numbers on them (I was 5966, Joey was 5983) and when we entered, they were calling 5701-5720. So we had a while to wait.

Sometime around the 7th inning of the game, an announcement was made that there were seats upstairs. We headed upstairs and continued watching the game until finally, 5961-5980 were called. We both headed downstairs.

We bought our books and got into a very short line at the end of which sat Bill Simmons. When I got to him, I asked if he was still writing sentences or if it was too late for that. He said he wanted to keep it short because he couldn’t feel his thumb anymore. I said, “oh well never mind then” and thus he signed, as pictured above, “To Nathan, Never mind. Bill Simmons.” [This is typical Bill Simmons, and I actually think it’s pretty funny. The original sentence I had in mind was “too bad the Rockets peaked before you hit puberty,” but this wasn’t much worse.]

I shook his and and said that I love his column, etc, and then was shuffled along. After Joey got his book signed, we left in a hurry and went to Artichoke, a pizza place nearby with a Spinach & Artichoke pizza that is absolutely amazing. We then headed back uptown, finally arriving back at my place at midnight.

Thus I spent six hours to meet Bill Simmons for one minute. I have to say it was pretty disappointing, as there was very little order and the organization was nonexistent. However, I did meet, shake hands, and get my book signed. And the conversation (as it always is with Joey) was lively and intelligent, so in all it was a pretty good experience.